Why is effusion faster than diffusion?

Ans. Diffusion refers to the process of particles moving from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration. But effusion refers to the process of particles moving from an area of high pressure to one of low pressure.

So in case of diffusion, pressure is not involved. The particles are not under pressure in case of diffusion. But the particles are under pressure in case of effusion. So effusion is faster than diffusion.

What do you understand by diffusion?

Ans. The process of spreading of solid, liquid or gaseous substance spontaneously and uniformly in a medium is called diffusion.

What do you understand by effusion?

the passage of gases from high pressure zone to a low pressure zone through a fine pore is called effusion.

Diffusion and effusion depends on mass and density of the matter. Rate of diffusion and effusion decreases as mass and density of the matter increases

When you open the gas cylinder used for cooking, which action takes place first-diffusion or effusion?

Ans. The pressures of the ingredients of body spray inside and the outside of the container are not the same. The pressure is greater inside the container. When the molecules of the gas come out through small pores into a low pressure zone from a high pressure zone, effusion happens. Due to application of pressure, the molecules present in body spray come out through the small pores. The spontaneous movement is blocked by the pore of the container. The bigger the pore size, the more spontaneous the movement is. When the condition becomes absolutely pressure-less, it becomes diffusion. So in case of a body spray, first effusion takes place, then diffusion happens.

Which one has higher diffusion rate between CH4 and CO2 and why?

Ans. The diffusion rate of an object refers to how much the object spreads around in a medium per unit time. An object that has less density or molar mass will have more diffusion rate. And the one that has more molar mass will have less diffusion rate. Between CH4 and CO₂, molar mass of CH4 is less (17) and molar mass of CO2 is more (44). So, diffusion rate of CH4 is more than CO2.