How was Bio-physics originated?

Ans: The concept that biological phenomena follow the rules of physics is the origin of bio-physics. A forge is a simple tool belonging to a smithy; its functioning resembles the function of the lungs. The eye-lens is not at all different from an artificial lens made up of glass or plastic. Why can the laws … Read more

Do the physical and biological worlds follow different rules?

Ans: No, Physical and bio-logical spheres do not follow totally different rules. Thousands of years of observations and experiences reveal that the bio-logical world follows physical world; different organs of human body are reasonably compared to different parts of a machine. We may cite of the examples regarding the similar functioning of a microchip and … Read more

Why the atmospheric pressure changes with the changes of altitude?

Ans: The atmosphere for its weight applies force on the earth’s surface and the amount of force acting perpendicularly on per-unit surface area of the earth, is called atmospheric pressure. As the altitude increase, the length of the air column decreases. So, the weight it applies to per-unit surface area i.e. pressure decreases with the … Read more

No rest or no motion is absolute Explain it.

Ans: Whether an object is actually in rest or motion depends on the reference object. If the reference object or reference frame is actually at rest, the object at rest will be actually at rest with respect to that frame. This type of rest is called absolute rest. A body is said to be in … Read more

What is latent heat of fusion?

Melting point due to the application of heat, the solid remains unchanged until all the substances transform into a liquid. Here, the amount of heat required to transform the solid into a liquid is defined as the latent heat of fusion. This energy does not change the temperature of the solid but is used to … Read more

Why weight of a body varies at different places of the earth?

Ans: Since the value of gravitational acceleration is different in different places in Earth, so the weight of object is different in different places in Earth. Since the Earth is not completely spherical and is slightly pressed in the polar region so radius of Earth (R) is not constant. Since radius of Earth (R) is … Read more