How was Bio-physics originated?

Ans: The concept that biological phenomena follow the rules of physics is the origin of bio-physics. A forge is a simple tool belonging to a smithy; its functioning resembles the function of the lungs. The eye-lens is not at all different from an artificial lens made up of glass or plastic.

Why can the laws of physics be applied to the living world?

Ans: The laws of physics can be applied to the living world mainly because those are universal in nature. Each and every living being is nothing but a splendid combination of a number of physical and chemical elements. A human body contains solids and fluids and also radioactive elements to some extent. No wonder, our heartbeat follows a definite time-internal; the similar is the case with breathing in case there is no internal or external abnormality. Beyond doubt, the study of time belongs to physics. Numerous physical quantities like speed, velocity, acceleration and so forth depend on time-factor. In this way the laws of physics can be applied to the living world. contributions of Jagdish